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As a reseller and authorised repairer for leading manufacturers with over 60 years of experience in the field of retail and electrical engineering, Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG always stocks over 6,000 different motors with output values between 0.9 and 500 kW.

In addition to this, our experienced and trained sales staff can offer virtually anything from the product portfolios of our cooperation partners, e.g. Siemens and VEM.

The motor portfolio

 Three phase standard motors

  • Pole changing three phase motors, basic model
  • Pole changing three phase motors, fan model
  • EEx motors
  • Special versions/brakes
  • Single phase motors
  • Geared motors
  • Spur geared motors
  • Frequency converters
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Inspections, maintenance, assembly and repairs

As a specialist for three phase motors, we offer special conversions and customer models for our customers:

  • Mounting of brakes
  • Frequency converters
  • Harting connectors
  • On/Off switches or pole switches
  • Outgoing leads
  • Various mechanical and electrical special versions

In addition to the commercially available three phase standard motors in aluminium or grey-cast iron, we also stock special motors such as pole changing motors, EEx motors, circular saw motors, brake motors, mixer motors and many others.

  • Siemens
  • vem
  • tee
  • toshiba
  • nord

Current price lists

Erich Schäfer price list 2022 (PDF file, 850 KB) 
valid from 01.03.2022
TEE three phase motors
Siemens three phase motors
VEM three phase motors
Schäfer three phase motors
EMG AC motors
Toshiba frequency converters
Esco frequency converters
Spare parts

Cover letter price adjustment (PDF file, 391 KB)
valid from 01.01.2021


Mr Gerd Schäfer
Telephone: +49 2737 501-142

Ms Sandra Schäfer
Telephone: +49 2737 501-1400

Field sales

Mr Detlef Kröger (sales region north)
Telephone: +49 172 7257664

Mr Stephan Kreps (sales region south)
Telephone: +49 170 6319015