Special crane 160 t/160 t/12.5 t/12.5 t x 30 m span

Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG in Siegen recently shipped a special crane from its production facilities. The crane, equipped with two 160 t/12.5 t trolleys, was planned and built at Schäfer. The giant with a dead weight of 124 t was implemented by the company in Feuersbach within 7 months, from planning to delivery and installation. For such large components, transport logistics are a key point and the basis for a smooth transport which is usually carried out during the night.

The company, which has been active in the field of electrical engineering and cranes for 60 years, implements customer requirements for special solutions.

The end customer uses the crane for transporting large components which have to be precisely positioned before and after mechanical machining.