Special crane for bar steel storage

Double girder suspended crane for automatic charging of a bar steel storage

A supplier to the construction industry in southern Germany recently took delivery of a double girder suspended crane 2x5tx19.4m for charging a bar steel storage. Within the shortest time possible, a crane system with a varied requirement profile was designed and manufactured taking into account customer requests.

Special features:

  • All lifting and travel movements use frequency converter technology
  • Laser path measurement for crab and crane travel
  • Absolute encoder for path measurement in the lifting gear
  • Exact positioning of the individual storage locations
  • Magnetic system for different profile lengths and diameters
  • Automation of the entire system with Siemens S7 PLC
  • Service via remote service module possible
  • Operation of the system and pre-selection of the individual positions with remote control

Another highlight is the installation of two folding maintenance platforms for maintenance and repairs on the crane track suspensions.

The operating company hopes that the installation of the system will result in faster storage and removal as well as a tidy storage area with fixed storage locations and therefore cost savings.