In-house armature winding

Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG tailors customised special windings and all types of repairs specifically to the individual requirements of our customers.

Individual custom versions are a matter of course for Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG. We can modify iron core motors to customer requirements, carry out windings to specifications with any desired voltage and supply these at short notice.

As an electrical engineering company, Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG has the know-how and the facilities to supply custom versions such as special voltage, attached external fans, brake motors, PTC resistors, speedometers, incremental encoders and many more, often faster than the manufacturer.

Benefit from these advantages. Erich Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG will be happy to provide you with more information about our in-house workshops.


Mr Gerd Schäfer
Telephone: +49 2737 501-142